Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Road Trip Travel Slowing Down?

Travel Slowing Down?

Isn't that what everyone is saying this summer? Somehow, We're not believing it. We do think people may not being going as far or as fast, but from where we sit, folks are still traveling. We hear every week from someone who is getting ready to live their dream.

Remember not to over react - yes the price of gas is up from last year, and yes we all have to decide what our priorities are; but... on a 1,000 mile road trip in a car that gets 22MPG, the added cost of fuel this year over last is about $40 - is that a reason to cancel your summer fun? If you drive an RV, the added cost is about double that, but the savings in lodging/ campgrounds more than makes up that difference. Fuel is only the number two or three item on your vacation expense list - besides you and your loved ones deserve a break and time together.

Phil and Carol White

Home Marketing E-Book Now Available

One of the questions that we get most frequently is about marketing your home to lease while you are gone on your trip. We never felt like we had enough room in the book to adequately cover this topic, so we put together an e-booklet that covers more information and examples of forms, letters, marketing materials, etc. than we have in the book.

This e-book is now available for $4.95 on the website for those who want more information on marketing their home.

Visitors Come to See Us on their Road Trip Dream

Keith and Mary McGrath have poured over their copy of Live Your Road Trip Dream for months and finally hit the road. In early May, they had made their way to Portland, Oregon and we got to visit with them for lunch.

They have prepared well and are thoroughly enjoying their time on the road. We shared some good laughs, common stories and experiences and enjoyed seeing their choice of travel vehicles. We always invite our readers to contact us as they come through this area and see if we can arrange to meet - it is one of the true pleasures of having done this book.

Hilarious new Road Tripping Book Hits the Market

Visualize for just a minute a self-described Long Island, Jewish-American Princess and her easy-going husband embarking on a year long road trip - with two cats and a dog - in a bus. Doreen Orion has penned a wonderful armchair travel book called Queen of the Road and their website is one of the best I've seen.

She and hubby Tim (Project Nerd) have more mis-adventures than the Griswold's and Doreen's way of dealing with each turn is to invent a new cocktail to get her through the trauma and back in the bus. If you are up for a fun read this summer, this is it.

You Think Your Fuel Bill is High? Hah!

If you think the fuel bill for your RV is high, consider Carnival Corp., the parent company of nearly a dozen cruise lines including Carnival, Princess and Holland America. The company will spend nearly $2 Billion this year on fuel, up from $400 million five years ago.

-- from RV Travel Newsletter

Blogs from Road Trippers of all Types

One of the most fun ways to stay in touch on your road trip is to write a blog or keep a journal of some type. I have often mentioned MyTripJournal.com as my favorite for all around useability, ability to map and store photos and journals all together and the ability with one touch to send an email to family and friends about your updates. But some people are getting really creative with their blogs now. They are no longer dry text with a few pictures thrown in. Here are some of my favorites this spring.

The Dream Year - A couple who has taken our lead and purchased a Class B - they are about to embark on their journey and going through those last terrifying, exhilarating weeks.

The Long Honeymoon - These two young folks with a real knack for video are vagabonding around the US and have apparently found a way to get some sponsors for their trip. Lots of fun stuff going on at their site.

Ty and Mari's Mobile Lifestyle Blog - These two younger boomers have really figured this technical stuff all out - you'll be amazed at all the various kinds of things they have incorporated into their blog - and it is a hoot just to follow them along. Anyone who's "logo" is cute legs sticking out an RV window with flip-flops on is my kind of gal!

Live, Work Dream - Some great updated budget information from Rene and Jim who are just completing their first year on the road and are going to keep it up for a while longer. Congratulations to you both. They are long time "Dreaming" supporters.

Send me your favorite blogs and websites and I'll be happy to include them from time to time.

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