Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dreamin' - November Edition

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Lots of News this Month

So we are just going to say:

Happy Thanksgiving - Blessings to you and your family

If you are traveling over the holidays, be safe and enjoy those precious times together.

Phil and Carol White

Festival of the Wise in Scottsdale, AZ

We've not done much speaking this year, but I have been invited to speak and share the Roadtrek booth at the upcoming Festival of the Wise on December 6th and 7th at the Scottsdale Convention Center.

If you use the promo code "roadtrip" when you register for the conference this week they will give you a nice discount ($20 for both days).

I hope to meet some of you there in a couple of weeks. My talk is on Saturday at noon - bring a sandwich and enjoy.

Even RVs (and RVers) can be "Green"

It seems like that is all people are talking about these days is how we can all become more "green" in our lives. Oregon has always been a very environmentally oriented state, but it has really pushed onto the national scene of late.

So this month, we feature the Janssen family who are traveling in their RV converted to run on vegetable oil Their website is really fun with lots of good ideas on living green.

Read a great article in the NY Times about them here.

Essential USA - Try Again

Well, my video idea didn't seem to resonate with our newsletter readers, so let's try something a little simpler. I'd really like to give away these excellent books that Fodor's so generously donated. I'm taking two to Scottsdale with me, so see me there for a chance to win one, but let's try another contest.

Just send me your favorite road trip tip and I'll pick two to receive a book. Just like that!

To learn more about the book, go here.

It is definitely a book every road tripper should have on their book shelf.

Still Looking for the Perfect Internet-On-The-Road Solution?

I may just have found it for you! A combination of cellular data meets wi-fi and you have a go (almost) anywhere, always available, relatively low-cost solution.

I think Sean Michael tells the story best on the RVNet video blog here.
(I wanted to embed this video, but he has that function disabled - darn!).

As Rob Taylo, the owner told me, "This is finally wireless freedom at an affordable price." Here is part of what he says on the website:

The open road just became more open. WiFi In Motion delivers a Internet access solution that will make the hours between RV parks more enjoyable and productive. The WiFi In Motion anywhere Internet access kit converts your RV into a "hotspot" floating down the highway. Now you can browse the Internet and check email at high speeds, all while enjoying the freedom of mobility. You will no longer have to wait to find free, unsecured WiFi, or purchase expensive satellite systems that offer slow speeds.
To learn more, go to

Don’t forget!

Personally autographed copies of the book are always available on our website

Also - RVed101's great videos are available through our site too

What do you think?

We are always anxious to hear from our readers and friends about how we are doing. Always feel free to email us with your road trip questions or tips, or thoughts about the book. We’ll be printing some of your comments in the months to come.

Where have your dreams taken you? Please send us your travel pictures taken on your road trip dream. We want to share stories of trips that were inspired by reading Live Your Road Trip Dream; Travel for a year for the cost of staying home.

Until next time.. Keep Dreaming...

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Visit the Author at Festival of the Wise

I frequently am asked "Where are you speaking?" "How can we meet you?"

I will be speaking at the boomer-oriented show, "Festival of the Wise" in Scottsdale, AZ the weekend of December 6-7. I will be speaking about extended travel and how to plan your own road trip of a lifetime. The RV Manufacturer, Roadtrek, the market leader in Class B motorhomes, will be displaying and we will be talking about RVing and Roadtreks - just look for the sleek unit out on the grounds and come by and say hello - or visit me when I speak - check the schedule for the exact time and location.

This will be a great show discussing all things boomer. I look forward to seeing you there.