Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's a Fun Thing!

This has absolutely nothing to do with the book - but it is a fun thing I thought I would share with you. The largest circulation magazine in the country is AARP The Magazine and the AARP Bulletin. Many of you probably receive them each month.

Open the AARP Bulletin this month!
(it's the newspaper one)
Turn to page 19

There you will find a picture and article about my nice husband - Phil White, looking very dapper as he has returned to work in the face of the recession. I, of course, wish they had said he was the co-author of Live Your Road Trip Dream - but no such luck, although they did discuss it. Now THAT would have really been fun - 35 million boomers and seniors exposed to our book. But, nonetheless, it is fun to see him there.

If you don't get the paper and want to see the article, you can go here.