Sunday, December 11, 2005

Fifty-one weeks a year,
these tough hombres are
businessmen, dads, jocks, and husbands;
but, on that fifty-second week of the year --
They become the Montana Mountain Men.

Now if this isn't a group for the movie "City Slickers" I don't know what is. A by-invitation-only gathering brings these young men from all walks of life -- most of them didn't grow up on a ranch or farm, but they all felt the need to connect with their Wild West heritage on some level. Some had never shot a gun, some had never owned a pair of boots, but all of them swear by the enrichment and camaraderie provided by their once-a-year, let it all hang out, be a crazy, swaggering cowboy outing.

So why the MONTANA Mountain Men when they are all from OREGON? Their first outing was to Montana, and one of their very talented members wrote a song that has become their anthem.

Take a listen - it is really good.
(click on "Montana Mountain Men" MP3 - it takes a few seconds to load...)

Thanks to Christopher Edmonds, AKA War Paint (in the red shirt), for sharing this story and to Greg Herman, AKA Many Guns, for writing and recording this wonderful song. Part of their "initiation" ritual for newcomers is the assignment of their Montana Mountain Man name--something that they all look forward to with great expectation.

Oh, and no, they don't sleep in the wooden shack.
Just off camera is a huge motorhome -- and a few tents.

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