Sunday, February 19, 2006

“Road Trip” Authors Take Their Own Advice and Hit the Road

It’s the old adage – the cobbler’s kid needs shoes, the barber needs a haircut, and the road trip gurus need, well … a road trip. Too busy to “practice what they preach”, authors Phil and Carol White found themselves tired of the Oregon rain and ready for a change of scenery. But how do you take off when you need to pay attention to marketing your book? How about a book promotion road trip!

Mixing marketing Live Your Road Trip Dream (RLI Press, 2004), their award-winning ultimate road trip planning guide, with a road trip to promote the book is the perfect way for the authors to live their own road trip dream. Today’s technology allows business people like the Whites to mix play with work. They will pack their vehicle with their laptop, cell phone and of course books as they head for southern California and Arizona later this month. Customers can reach them by phone or email just as normal, and they will have some time to explore new places to write about.

They have scheduled several presentations along the way to share the joy of a long road trip with the 10,000 baby boomers reaching 60 every day and wanting to head out on the road themselves. Gen-xers contemplating a mid-career sabbatical or leave will also find the tips and ideas to be invaluable.

The Whites have spoken to over 1,000 people about their planning tools and their adventure in such diverse settings as athletic clubs, RV rallies, AAA, book stores and libraries – all with rave reviews. They have also been frequent guest on radio and TV with over 50 appearances to date, and this trip won’t slow that activity down. Carol says, “Most radio interviews are done by phone, and we really enjoy talking to people about how to make this incredible experience happen, so we’ll just be talking from a different location than normal.”

To see the White’s and hear about planning your own road trip, plan to be at one of the following appearances:
3/6 - 7:30pm - Distant Lands Bookstore - Pasedena, Ca
3/7 - 7:30pm - Le Travel Store - San Diego, Ca
3/10 - 6:00pm - Barnes & Noble - Orange, Ca
3/11 - 4:00pm - Camping World - 40th Anniversary - San Bernardino, Ca
3/15 - 6:00pm - Barnes & Noble - Palm Desert, Ca
3/29 - 2:00pm - Barnes & Noble - Surprise, Az
4/1 - 1:00pm - Mostly Books - Tucson, Az

For additional information on these locations, visit their website at

Their lively 50-minute presentation is sure to inspire the wanderlust to plan that long trip that dreams are made of -- and make the listener believe that they too can do it. Phil adds, “We’ll never have another journey as awesome as our road trip dream – we’d love to help you accomplish your dreams too.”

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