Monday, October 27, 2008

Dreamin' - September Edition

Ahhh, welcome to Fall...

I love to travel in the fall - besides the obvious change of school being back in session and summer vacations being over - there is the beauty of the season. Everywhere across the country the seasonal changes just beg travelers to slow down and discover the wonder of the landscape. Wine grape crushes, cider making, "leaf peeping", late vegetable harvests, pumpkin carving, fall football games and all the nesting activities related to preparing for winter make the experience more enjoyable - and the smaller crowds, less traveled roads and less expensive accommodations are all just bonuses to the lush, rich time of year.

Where do you like to go at this time of year? We visited Spokane to see my sister and on to one of my all time favorite places - Flathead Lake in Montana (pictured), where the extended family has a wonderful space where we can enjoy each other, catch up on our lives and reminisce about days gone by. Soon we'll head for Joseph, Or, one of the most beautiful places anywhere (they don't call the nearby Wallowa Mountains the US "Swiss Alps for nothing) to see one of the kids and family.

We hope you are all planning a road trip during this wonderful time of year.

Phil and Carol White

You Just Never Know

Live Your Road Trip Dream has been so fortunate to have lots of media coverage over the years, but now we are getting coverage in places not really even related to traveling.

A good example is this month's write-up in More Magazine having to do with retiring and what will you do with your time? Here's the link, we are on the third page, but the whole article is interesting if you are getting close to retirement.

We have known for some time that there are more and more people hitting the road just as soon as they can - and they are doing it earlier and earlier in life.

A few months ago, I ran into Billy and Akaisha Kaderli who have traveled extensively and are now doing it full-time and having the time of their lives. Like so many of us, they have found passions and play often interact as they find ways to not only fill their days, but also profit from speaking, writing and other endeavors.

You can "visit" them at their website.

Another Family "Road Schooling" their way along

One of the updates in the new edition is information to help families get on the road and combine it with their children's eduction. Recently Robert Streett and his family let us know about their adventures on the road. Robert, Josslyn, Sawyer and Robby are actually right here in the Pacific Northwest now - maybe we'll have a chance to meet them. Here is the link to their website.

Have Video, Will Travel?

Here's your chance to win a copy of Fodor's new guide

Essential USA

I have two copies to give away, courtesy of Fodor's, so I'm going to have a little contest that is easy to enter and fun to win.

Just send me a short (less than 3 minutes) video of some place in the US that you have been recently with a short note about why it was special. The top 2 videos will receive the guide and all of them will be used in this newsletter or on my blog to promote travel and Live Your Road Trip Dream.

Sound like fun? Send them my way by October 30th.
(MP4 format preferred)

From the Grab Bag of Travel

Here are some of the interesting videos and websites that I've come across lately - hope you enjoy them.

GiftVenture provides unique and interesting gifts for kids that are easy to do while you are on the road. I know I'm always trying to think of something different, this looks like fun.

Tina Lorenz, a copy writer, shares her mobile office in her RV on a YouTube video - fun

Have you ever wondered about how eco-friendly RVing is? Here are some great hints about being kind to the environment in your RV.

And finally, if you've ever wondered what Phil and I look like on TV, you can now go here and see us in action.

Send me your favorite blogs and websites and I'll be happy to include them from time to time.

Don’t forget!

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What do you think?

We are always anxious to hear from our readers and friends about how we are doing.

Always feel free to email us with your road trip questions or tips, or thoughts about the book. We’ll be printing some of your comments in the months to come.

Where have your dreams taken you?

Please send us your travel pictures taken on your road trip dream. We want to share stories of trips that were inspired by reading Live Your Road Trip Dream – Travel for a year for the cost of staying home.

Until next time.. Keep Dreaming...

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